Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure review

Influenster sent me these Kiss everlasting French Manicure false nails for my honest review. 
These are in the real short length, which is great for people who aren't used to having long nails. I have long nails already so these are too short for me to try, BUT I have another use for them... they are wonderful for fix its!  Once every month or so I get a chip, a break, splits in my long nails and end up losing the length on a nail.  Well All I need to do is use one of these nails to bring the broken nail to match my others! This kit includes glue, but I like an even more temporary method and I apply with the press on stickers that you can buy separately on Ebay.  Sometimes glue can damage your natural nail bed if you don't remove the correct way which is by soaking.  I simply don't have that patience so I choose to just stick em on when needed.  Then I simply paint over  with whatever polish I chose.  You can even remove the polish with non acetone polish remover, and paint again.  These can give you a quick french manicured look fr all your nails, or use like I do to repair broken nails.  Either way you choose, this is a nail kit staple you want in your stash!

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