Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review of Formula X The System XCEL Customizable Gel-Like Nail Polish Set with Delete All remover

I received the Formula X products complimentary from Influenster, but I'm going to be 100% honest with my opinions here...  This kit is amazing!  Ok first off I am a beauty professional, I've been licensed since 1992 in Cosmetology, I'm certified in all forms of Makeup Artistry since 1994, I have 10 years experience in an upscale salon, and I own over a thousand nail polishes, yes I said over 1000!  I'm jaded when it comes to beauty products, they need to be better than what I've got and I've found what I like.  Well I have some new faves after using this kit, no joke!  Ok let me tell you how it goes and what I adore so much about this system.

So after 1st prepping the nails by normal filing and cuticle removing, I grabbed step 1 of the system and put on a coat, it's not polish, it dries almost immediately like rubbing alcohol.  Step 2 is next and that one applies like normal base coat. After that comes the color and I was sent TGIF which is a bright melon color, not a fave shade of mine, and it wasn't holo,  but I loved the brightness, it was almost neon and it applied smooth in 2 coats. Next up came the top coat.  OMG this top coat is everything!!!  I have sworn by my Seche for years for it's glossy and fast dry action, the Formula X top coat is better!  Just as glossy, just as fast drying, NO SHRINKAGE!  I'm hooked!  They knew when they sent this kit to me I would be hooked!  So with the Formula X system I had glossy, perfect nails for a week.  If you have problems getting your polish to last, or need your polish to last a week, you have to try this kit.  Removal was the other charm in the set, the best remover I have ever used in my life.  It smells good, it removes extra fast and easy, it's the foam soaked remover with little holes for the digits.  The only bummer is the lid on mine doesn't close tightly, it's defective so I'm afraid it may dry out soon :(

Ok that's my honest opinion and review of the system.  On a rating scale of 1 to 10, they get a 9 only because the lid on the remover doesn't close tight which I suspect is an isolated issue with just mine, and they aren't all about holographic polish like me and my crew are ;)  Good stuff, seriously, highly recommended!  The whole kit is under $40 ($32 for USA $40 for our friends the Candians, not sure why they get a higher price for the same product) from Sephora and you can pick whatever color you want! Check it out, I know you will love it! Link to set:  Formula X Set

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kiss everlasting French Manicure review

Influenster sent me these Kiss everlasting French Manicure false nails for my honest review. 
These are in the real short length, which is great for people who aren't used to having long nails. I have long nails already so these are too short for me to try, BUT I have another use for them... they are wonderful for fix its!  Once every month or so I get a chip, a break, splits in my long nails and end up losing the length on a nail.  Well All I need to do is use one of these nails to bring the broken nail to match my others! This kit includes glue, but I like an even more temporary method and I apply with the press on stickers that you can buy separately on Ebay.  Sometimes glue can damage your natural nail bed if you don't remove the correct way which is by soaking.  I simply don't have that patience so I choose to just stick em on when needed.  Then I simply paint over  with whatever polish I chose.  You can even remove the polish with non acetone polish remover, and paint again.  These can give you a quick french manicured look fr all your nails, or use like I do to repair broken nails.  Either way you choose, this is a nail kit staple you want in your stash!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Influenster Spring Vox Box Review

What a lucky lady I am to have been chosen to receive an Inflenster Spring Vox Box for me to play with and give my honest opinions about!  Yay!  Let's get down to the nitty gritty...

1st up...

This my fave product in the box! LOVE the shape/container, the smell is nice, the feel is awesome. Smooth and soft. Highly recommended!
 I received this in the Pomegranate Blueberry flavor, yummo!

Ok now let's check out...
 Rimmel Scandaleyes retro glam in extreme black. BIG packaging, BIG brush, decent lash.  I'm not crazy about the big brush, I found it hard to get to the base of the lash line and in the inner and outer corners, as well as the lower lashline as well as a slimmer brush.  Formula is ok, don't let it dry then go back for another coat. It's dry, spiky and doesn't layer up well. It removes nice and easily, and overall gave me a good lash look, but I won't be grabbing for this mascara again.
There it is in my makeup bag!

Next up we have...
These guys I have not tried yet because my natural nails are currently longer than this length, but these are going to come in so handy for when I break a nail!  I found on Ebay they sell the stickers alone, you know, those press on nail stickers.  I plan on buying them to use with these. Glue can screw up the natural nail bed if not removed correctly and I don't have the patience to remove correctly... so I'll give these a whirl with my next split, chip, break :)

Now we have...

Yay tampons!  I love these because I love the light scent!  I find scented feminine products are less popular and harder to find, so I was very happy to find scented Playtex in my Vox Box! Playtex have always been my fave! The sport makes you feel safe and secure, the scent makes you feel fresh and clean.  I like these a lot!

And now let's look at...
Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Q 10 Body Lotion!
Nivea is the lotion I already was using, only I was using the 48hr Moisture. I like the scent of this one better, I feel like this will make a better lotion for summer as it really sinks in well with no greasy feel.  I loved the way my skin felt... soft but not moist!

And now for...
Labor Day the movie, pie air freshener! I adore scents... I have candles, incense, wax burners, reed diffusers, instant sprayers, plug in warmers, etc!  So this was exciting for me!  I hung it up immediately in my car and unfortunately have not noticed the scent :(   A bit weak I'm afraid but so darn cute hanging from my rear view mirror. Wanted to love it but it just didn't scent up my compact car. Waaaa I love pie!

Overall I loved my Influenster Spring Vox Box and found some new faves... Soft Lips cube, Nivea, and the Playtex.  Looking forward to sharing with you my next Influenster box and if you's like to sign up with Influenster, I can invite you so you can start receiving products to try too! "til next time, take care and stay beautiful :)